Honoring Hispanics at UAT

Author: Daryian Rhysing

Originally posted: Sept. 18, 2017
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UAT prides itself on having a diverse community and therefore, we are taking a moment to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Because we honor our members at UAT, we would like to focus on one of our team affiliates, Evaguel Guadalupe from Puerto Rico. Before she started working for UAT, she dedicated her life to bring education to Latin America through the creation of quality learning content and the publication of a workbook for Genius Plaza. In one of her lessons, she writes about 'The Minds Behind Technology' highlighting Olga D. Gonzales, a scientist and inventor, also from Puerto Rico. Dr. Gonzales contributions to space exploration led her to be the highest ranking Latina at the NASA research center, which reminds us about the unspoken heroes of aviation and their Hispanic origins.

During the time Evaguel spent teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to the Hispanic community at Genius Plaza, she was involved in the making of a short telenovela where she played the role of the main antagonist. Her passion for teaching children a variety of subjects from English to math, has led her to create videos to contribute much educational content. Recently, she made a video about 'What is the heaviest plane in the world?' She knows in her heart that less and less children are choosing Science and Mathematics as their career choice. This is especially true in the Hispanic community. Maybe it is due to the lack of access to quality education, maybe is due to the material being presented in a boring way, or maybe is due to feeling intimidated by aspects such as theories and mathematical concepts. Whatever the reason it may be, as a Hispanic that chose to blend her love for education with her love for aerodynamics and astrophysics, she continues in her efforts to bridge that gap because she knows that a lot of young Latino children secretly wish to become pilots, scientists, and astronauts one day reaching far and beyond the stars.

You can checkout this instructive and inspirational resource for kids at:


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