UAT Celebrates National Aviation Day

Author: Evaguel Rhysing

Originally posted: Aug. 19, 2017
Last edited: 7 months ago

Today UAT celebrates National Aviation Day. A day that was established in 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a proclamation to honor the birthday of the surviving Wright brother, Orville.

Therefore, today, we want to set aside the corporate side of it and celebrate the reason why we can soar into the skies when no one believed it was possible. While most people think about the Wright brothers when they think about aviation and when it started, in reality it is something humans have been striving for and will continue to do so throughout history. From the first illusions of flight based on the tale of Icarus to the Moon landing; it is impressive how the collection and contributions of many brilliant minds have brought us to today's normalcy about the thought of flying.

Here is to everyone that contributed their little grains of salt into what is today the aviation industry. Thank you for helping us spread our wings.

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